Scavenger hunt: The Detective Hunt

A cool smartphone scavenger hunt with tricky detective puzzles to solve on the go! Set the scavenger hunt up anywhere you like – you decide where, when and how far! For children age around 8-12 years old. The scavenger hunt can be solved by one group or up to 10 teams competing against each other for time! Let the chase of the notorious thief Stickyfinger begin!

Private detective Sleuthington needs help tracking the notorious but somewhat clumsy thief Stickyfinger, who has stolen a large amount of gold coins. But it seems that there’s a hole in the money bag – follow the thief’s trail!

There are eleven map positions to be found and ten detective puzzles to be solved along the way. When a puzzle is solved, the next position is revealed, leading the participants to the final destination!

The Detective Hunt is designed for children of mixed ages. If children are to solve it by themselves, they should have started school and be able to read and count (approx. 8-12 years). However, there are also questions that younger children can participate in and solve with a little help.

detective scavanger hunt

Theme: Detective puzzle
Age group: 8-12 years
Type: Smartphone scavenger hunt
No of questions: 10
Size: 1-5 or 6-10 Teams
Languages: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Location: Anywhere!
Schedule: Anytime!
Duration: You decide!
Price: €19.99 (1-5 teams) or €29.99 (6-10 teams) per event

This scavenger hunt is avalible in seven different languages. Click the desired language to order!