A Journey Through Time & Space with an Outdoor Escape Game!

outdoor escape game for kids

The Time Machine Escape is something as fun as a combination of a mobile treasure hunt and an escape game! The story is exciting – the kids’ history and chemistry teacher has managed to send their students off in a time machine through a daring experiment!

To return to our time, the kids must figure out the code that will make The Time Machine return to the present. A riddle must be solved in each time period where The Time Machine lands! The children will get to visit dinosaurs, Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, and pirates, among others. They have the teacher’s handy booklet with some clues to help them.

Just like in a regular app scavenger hunt, it’s also about “traveling” in The Time Machine to the different pins on the map. First, you have to find the right location, then solve the riddles to figure out the code. Fun and puzzling – but also an outdoor adventure for kids aged around 8-12. If you want to, different teams can compete against each other for speed.

This is an app scavenger hunt that’s super fun for parties where you want to do something different! It’s also popular with after-school programs and schools since it creatively connects to subjects taught in school. Kids get to solve math puzzles, use runes and hieroglyphs, apply some knowledge about dinosaurs, explorers, and space, and they even get to use the periodic table – but don’t worry, this isn’t a school lesson, just full of fun facts and exciting challenges!

As always, you, the organizer, decide when, where, and how long!

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outdoor escape game for kids