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Technical support & FAQ

To use the GrapevineGo app is easy! But if you need some support we are here for you! Read frequently asked questions below – you might find an answer to your question or contact us directly.



What device do I need?

The participant in a event need to download the GrapevineGo app on a device with sim card and internet connection. You need to allow the app to use location service and the camera.

Can I use distributed WIFI to an ipad or tablet? 

No, the device needs its own sim card and internet access else it cannot work. 

Can I use the app even if I don´t have internet access?

No, the app cannot work without internet. 

How much data is used during the game? 

Normally between 15-25 MB per team and game. 

What if an image does not load completely during the game?

Use the reload button that you find at the top of the screen. 

Can we take a break in the middle of the game? 

Yes, just log out from the app and then use the button “Continue last game” to continue playing. 


How do I start a team?

Let the team scan the customized QR-code that you have generated on your event manager site with the GrapevineGo app. You can provide the QR-codes form your own phone or tablet or in a printed out version on paper.

I have tested the route and I want to modify it? 

Just log in as event manager and go to the menue “Creat route”. Then find the pin you want to move and drag it to the correct place.

I logged in as event manager but I cannot see the map?

When you enter the “Create route”-page you need to allow to share your location so we can load the correct part of the world map for you. 

I cannot find the area I want on the map?

First zoom out and locate the area you are interested in. Then change to satellite mode and zoom in and it will be easy to find the correct places to put the pins on the map. 

Where can I find the result?

Go to the “Result”-tab on the event manager site and see the points of all teams that has started and finished the game.


If you have questions or need support, please contact us on e-mail: