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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Mirago Media AB is the owner of GrapevineGo provides free apps to be used to run grapevine events.

As a user of the app you are anonymous. When using the GrapevineGo app you allow the GrapevinegGo system to contact you via the app interface. For example, to provide information about where the next pin is or give feedback if the answer you provided was correct or not.  

When using the GrapevineGo app you need to allow the app to access the smartphone camera in order to scan the QR code that starts the game. In addition, you need to allow the app to know your location so that the app can show your position on the map, as well as the location of the next pin. In technical terms the app is using Users Cellular Network details and also users Wifi IP in order to show the location of the device when the game is played and the app is used. The data is not used for any other purpose than to deliver a working game to the app user. 

GrapevineGo uses cookies for technical reasons to improve and simplify for you as a user. GrapevineGO does not store any personal information via cookies.

The GrapevineGo app does not contain any advertising or any purchases within the app.

Read more about privacy policy for purchases of events on the grapevine-sites.