DIY smartphone events made easy - and superfun!


Download the GrapevineGo app!

To take part in a grapevine smartphone event all teams need to download the GrapevineGo-app on one Smartphone.

The event is created by an event manager that choose what event to run and decide where, when and how far – and then set it up by placing pins on a map of the area where it is all to take place. The eventmanager also create teams and generate QR-codes used to start the teams.

Each particpating team need one smartphone with the GrapevineGo app. To get going start the app and scan the QR-code for the team – then your quest is presented and you are off!

There is no content in the app itself – to run it you need to scan your customized QR-code!

Download the app here:

Android app Google Play:

iOS app App Store / iTunes:

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