Scavenger hunt: The Time Machine Escape

This is something as fun as a mobile escape game, a combination of a mobile scavenger hunt and an escape game! The challenge is for the children to both find their way on the map and then, as they end up in different eras, solve a riddle to gather numbers for the code that will make the time machine return to our own time! A journey through time and space for children aged approximately 8-12 Years.

The children’s chemistry and history teacher, Noha Clockwise, has through a never-before-tested experiment happened to send all his students off in a time machine! To return to our time, the children must follow a map on their mobile phones and solve riddles in whatever era the time machine has put them. Each riddle provides a number for the code that will make the time machine return to our own time.

They have Noha Clockwise’s “handy-to-have” booklet with valuable information to help them solve the riddles. This, along with instructions, solutions, and a sheet featuring the time machine’s control panel where the correct numbers can be noted, will be available for download. You can print as many copies as you need.

outdoor escape game for kids

Theme: A journey through time and space
Age group: 8-12 years
Type: Smartphone scavenger hunt with extra material
No of questions: 10
Size: 1-5 or 6-10 Teams
Languages: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Location: Anywhere!
Schedule: Anytime!
Duration: You decide!
Price: €24.99 (1-5 teams) or €34.99 (6-10 teams) per event

This scavenger hunt is avalible in six different languages. Click the desired language to order!