Scavenger hunt: TOP SECRET – The Agents’ Secret Mission

With this cool smartphone scavager hunt you can send out secret agents on a fun mission! The participants follow a map and receive clues and riddles to answer on their mobile phones. They also receive some clues and messenges in top secret envelopes from headquarters as they proceed. The agents’ mission is to stop the legendary master thief’s next heist and reveal his or her identity! For children and teenagers from around 11 years old.

The agents’ colleague, Agent 00X, has been working on a case for a while and is hot on the trail of a legendary master thief. The master thief is known for spectacular heists, stealing priceless artworks, jewels, and other items considered impossible to steal. As a “signature,” they usually leave a gold-colored glove in place of the stolen goods.

Agent 00X works undercover and has managed to get close to the master thief, sending some information to the agents when possible – but 00X must be very careful, as the master thief trusts no one. The agents are to follow in the thief’s and 00X’s footsteps and figure out details about the heist through the cryptic clues that Agent 00X manages to send them. The agents’ mission is to reveal the master thief’s identity and stop his or her next heist!

This scavenger hunt combines map to follow and puzzles to solve on the smartphone with some clues on paper delivered in top secret envelopes from the headquarters!

secret agent scavanger hunt

Theme: Secret Agent Mission
Age group: 11-14 years
Type: Smartphone scavenger hunt with extra material
No of questions: 13
Size: 1-5 or 6-10 Teams.
Languages: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Location: Anywhere!
Schedule: Anytime!
Duration: 13
Price: €24.99 (1-5 teams) or €34.99 (6-10 teams) per event

This scavenger hunt is avalible in seven different languages. Click the desired language to order!