Mobile quiz: Puzzles & Ponderings

A fun and truly tricky quiz that you solve on the go – with a map and questions on your mobile phone. The quiz can be done anywhere – you decide where, when, and how far. The questions require logical thinking and are perfect for team building for groups and companies!  

This mobile quiz is as the name suggests both tricky and perplexing – it doesn’t consist of factual questions – but of 12 puzzles that demand logical thinking – and if multiple people are answering, they need to think together, reason, and come to a consensus on an answer. Perfect for team building for various groups – but can also be done at a party or in any other context just for the fun of it! The quiz is suitable for adults of all ages, from older teenagers and young adults.

team building activities for work

Theme: Puzzles and logical thinking – Teambuilding
Age group: Adults
Type: Smartphone event
No of questions: 12
Size: 1-10 or 11-20 Teams
Languages: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Location: Anywhere!
Schedule: Anytime!
Duration: You decide!
Price: €34.99 (1-10 teams) or €44.99 (11-20 teams) per event

This scavanger hunt is avalible in seven different languages. Click the desired language to order!