team building activities

Mobile quiz: Puzzles & Ponderings

A fun and truly tricky quiz that you solve on the go – with a map and questions on your mobile phone. The quiz can be done anywhere – you decide where, when, and how far. The questions require logical thinking and are perfect for team building for groups and companies!

fun activities for adults

Mobile event: The Spy Hunt

A fun event on the go for adults! Two shady spies have stolen a corporate secret. Which team can be the first to follow in their footsteps and retrieve the secret information? The event can take participants from the office to a restaurant or a party venue, a tour around the city or just a turn around the block – you decide! Perfect for fun with colleagues or friends!

detective scavanger hunt

Scavenger hunt: The Detective Hunt

A cool smartphone scavanger hunt with tricky detective puzzles to solve on the go! Set the scavanger hunt up anywhere you like – you decide where, when and how far! For children age around 8-12 years old. The scavanger hunt can be solved by one group or up to 10 teams competing against each other for time! Let the chase of the notorious thief Stickyfinger begin!