Scavenger hunt: The Hunt For The Lost Jewel

Superfun smartphone scavenger hunt with map to follow and puzzles to solve on the go! Ruthless treasure hunters are trying to find the legendary lost jewel and professor Jones has asked for the childrens help to find it first! Set the scavenger hunt up anywhere you like – you decide where, when and how far!

Long ago, there was a famous jewel that the Maharaja of Bhundipur gave to his great love, the young, beautiful, poor girl Aditi. It is said that the jewel has magical powers and that whoever possesses it can bewitch all its surroundings. The jewel has been missing for hundreds of years but its legend lives on.

Your friend, the archaeologist Professor Jones, has been looking for the jewel his entire life. He wants to find it and display it in a museum so that all people can enjoy its beauty. Now, all his notes have been stolen – someone else is after the jewel for their own gain! The jewel must be found before these ruthless treasure hunters do. The professor is too old and frail to go off on this mission and he asks for help – it’s time to go on the hunt for the lost jewel!

The scavenger hunt can be solved by one group of children or by several teams competing against each other on time. The hunt for the lost jewel is suitable for children about 9-12 years old. The scavenger hunt has 11 map locations to find and 10 tricky riddles to answer in the hunt for the jewel!

Theme: Adventure around the world
Age group: 9-12 years
Type: Smartphone scavenger hunt
No of questions: 10
Size: 1-5 or 6-10 Teams
Languages: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Location: Anywhere!
Schedule: Anytime!
Duration: You decide!
Price: €24.99 (1-5 teams) or €34.99 (6-10 teams) per event

This scavenger hunt is avalible in seven different languages. Click the desired language to order!